Area Command & Stations

The Jamaica Constabulary Force is divided into five Area Commands  

Area 1 is comprised of four divisions with a total of 38 stations:

* Three of these stations have temporarily merged services (Granville with Meadows of Irwin, Rio Bueno with Duncans, and Frome with Morgan’s Bridge), cutting the total to 35 stations.

Area 2 is comprised of three divisions, with a total of 32 stations.

Area 3 is comprised of three divisions, with a total of 34 stations  

Area 4 is comprised of five divisions, with a total of 31 stations 

Area 5 is comprised of four divisions, with a total of 39 stations 

TOPS Area Competition

Each year, one of these Area Commands is selected to participate in the programme.  

The areas examined included:  

  • Records Management – maintenance of the Station Diary; Firearm Register; General Property Book and CR10  
  • Station Administration – conduct of station inspections; maintenance of Officers’ Minute Books; and the preparation of divisional and station plans 
  • Utilities Conservation – appointment of Conservation Officer and electricity consumption (July, August and September bills) 
  •  Station Facility – presence of Firearm Clearing Pit; cleanliness of the Barrack Room, bathrooms, and station yard; and presence of JCF signage and flag as well as the Jamaican flag 
  • Customer Service – observing aspects of the Police Public Interaction Policy; maintenance of the Citizen Complaints Register and Log books instituted in commercial businesses in the Area; and conduct of Community Meetings and Widely Publicized Meetings. An online customer satisfaction component will be introduced in 2021. 

For Prisoners in Custody (PIC) Stations in addition to the above the following areas are included: 

  • Records Management – the maintenance of the PIC Register, PIC Cards, Remand Book and Charge and Prisoners Property Book 
  • Security Controls – conduct of physical checks and cell searches. 

The overall inspection of records will cover a 30-day period. All inspections are completed by the end of October. 

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