The Police (Civilian Oversight) Authority Act, 2005 provides the PCOA with a Parliamentary mandate to among other things “monitor the implementation of policy of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and its Auxiliary,” and “conduct inspections of the Force and the Auxiliary”.  In fulfilling this mandate, the PCOA through the Inspection and Monitoring Unit, have found guidance in the following JCF publications: Standing Orders; Force Orders; and, Manual for Community Policing Services Delivery. This is in addition to, the Jamaica Constabulary Force Strategic Priorities. 

Prior to formalizing the inspection processes in 2009, inspections centred on the following areas: Firearms and Ammunition; Logs and Inspection Reports; Custody of Civilian Property; Fixed Assets and Mobility; Professional Standards and Anti-Corruption; Prisoners and Lock-ups; Governance, Leadership and Accountability; and Policies and Strategies. Subsequent to 2009, these areas were subsumed into selected areas of police service delivery – General Policing (records management; station management) and Prisoners in Custody including the condition of cells, records and adherence to the gazette capacity of lock-ups. Key observations regarding transportation plus the condition of station plants and surroundings also form part of inspections. Findings from these inspections are summarized in a report, which is disseminated to the Ministry of National Security, JCF High Command, Area Command and Divisional Commander. 

Thematic Inspections

Thematic inspections seek to examine key policing issues in some detail and identify deficiencies as well as areas of good performance and report thereon. Such inspections are considered extremely important as they offer an opportunity to highlight specific aspects of policing and offer solutions on the way forward in correcting inadequacies. Additionally, it is anticipated that these inspections will not only serve to inform future strategies and policies but also spread good practice in the policing area inspected. The selection of thematic inspections is largely based on their immediate relevancy to current public discourse. The PCOA seeks not only to provide an understanding of these pressing issues but also to offer up possible solutions to ameliorate the problems being experienced.

Thematic inspections include:  

  • Understanding the Causes and Effects of Overcrowding in Police Lock-ups in Jamaica 
  • Children in Conflict with the Law [Custody Issues and Lock-up Conditions] 
  • Investigative Supervision and Management and their Impact on Clear up rates for selected Major Crimes: An Analytic Study of Selected Investigative Outcomes for 2013 
  • Review of the Management Practices and Efficiency of the JCF Transport Maintenance and Management Division 
  • The Marine Division (2023) 
  • The Canine Division (2024) 
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