Police Oversight Authority to Award Top Stations in Area Two

The Police Civilian Oversight Authority (PCOA) will recognise outstanding performers in its Transforming Our Police Service (TOPS) competition at an awards function on Wednesday (Nov. 27), at Couples Sans Souci in St Ann. 

Police stations from the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF) Area Two division, which comprises St. Mary, St. Ann and Portland, will be awarded in the categories of Top Division, Top Station and Top Prisoners in Custody (PIC) Station. 

Speaking with JIS News, PCOA’s Chief Executive Officer, Otarah Byfield, said the competition was developed as an innovative way of increasing compliance of law enforcement personnel with policies and procedures.

“We thought that having a competitive environment and incentivising the programme would encourage police officers to comply,” she said. 

Assessment of police stations was carried out from September 16 to October 31, 2019.       

Ms. Byfield said that among the areas examined was records management, including the station diary, the firearm register, and the general property books.

“We also have utilities conservation. We looked at how well you conserve your electricity, your appointment of a conservation officer because that will determine how your conservation profile works out,” she noted. 

“There is also station administration, which looks at the crime plans and the divisional plan and a customer service element,” she noted further. 

Ms. Byfield said the competition was well received by the members of the force and their leadership. 

“Officers are excited to see who is going to be the top station,” she told the JIS News. 

The Area Two division comprises 31 stations, with nine in Portland, and St. Ann and St Mary having 11 each.

The TOPS awards ceremony coincides with Police Week   from November 24 – December 1.

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